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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Dr. David Heath, founder, and CEO of Cutitronics ( provides an overview of the skincare industry and his company’s mission to revolutionize the way we care for our skin.

With a thirst for knowledge, Heath set out on a journey to better understand science and engineering. His long academic career awarded him degrees in physics and engineering.

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Throughout his Ph.D. and post-doctoral research, Dr. Heath has continually targeted specific areas of interest including transdermal medical technology. Dr. Heath’s research led him to discover that transdermal medical technology could be utilized to solve some of the significant challenges facing the cosmetic skincare industry. His innovation in the area garnered recognition from the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Royal Academy of Engineering, and the ERA Foundation.

Dr. Heath discusses his extensive background in biomedical engineering and the development of medical devices. He talks about his work that involved research to better understand the dynamic nature of skin, and how it led to his motivation to bring digital technology and engineering together to work with chemistry and formulation to ultimately improve skin and skincare. Dr. Heath explains microdermabrasion and other techniques that are common in the multibillion-dollar skincare industry today. He explains that the dynamic nature of skin needs to be understood in detail in order for products to be successful and that in and of itself is a challenge, as skin is somewhat complex. He discusses fat-soluble and water-soluble solutions, the benefits versus potential issues, as well as how products and technology used on the skin affect the microbiome. It is important to maintain balance he states, and we need to all be conscious of the products we use on our skin.

The skin expert discusses clinic trials, and how people may not be disciplined enough to use products in a manner such that clinic trial results can be achieved during home use.

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Dr. Heath discusses how they have achieved a way for their devices to dispense the amount of product that a particular user needs to see progress and eventually—results. By using progress bars or by gamifying it, users may be more motivated to keep working toward their goal. He details other technology aspects of the industry, and as he states, consumer compliance is critical in order to get consumers to use products properly, such that they will see benefits.

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The skincare doctor provides some information on the prevalence of skin specialists and diagnostics in the US versus Europe. He states that their handheld devices help to extend specialized care into the home, to make it easier for individual users to take care of their skin in the proper way, as their specialist would recommend.

The Cutitronics team seeks to continue launching disruptive technology into the skincare market, to help everyone achieve better results in their quest for healthier skin.

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