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Metabolic Health Summit 2019: it’s a four-day experience where you can see 40 of the world’s top physicians, scientists, and researchers come together to present the latest research in metabolic health, share inspirational stories and successes, put on cooking demos, and enjoy overall amazing entertainment while empowering yourself with the knowledge and education to make informed and healthful decisions about your life. This year’s content will not only focus on nutrition and metabolism as key components of human health and longevity, but also how to turn the information into action, implementing it into your daily life.

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Returning guest and founder of the Metabolic Health Summit, Victoria Field, offers an exciting glimpse of what to expect this year, and mentions some of the speakers she’s most excited to hear from, including the first psychiatrist out of Harvard who is using keto and low-carb nutrition as an alternative to pharmaceuticals for certain mental illnesses, and a veterinarian who’s using metabolic therapies in the treatment of canines with cancer. Slated for January 31st- February 3rd of this year in Long Beach, CA, the third annual Metabolic Health Summit will be a scientific conference unlike any other.

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