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In this episode, we chat with Marc Sholes, a New York City-based psychotherapist and psychoanalyst that specializes in adult treatment, and marital and couples therapy. With over 35 years of experience, Marc has learned that patients are able to reclaim healthy parts of their personalities through the process of self-discovery – which allows them to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

As the author of the book Reset Your Romantic GPS: Why You Steer Toward The Wrong Partners, And How To Change Direction For The Better, Marc outlines how people can achieve healthy relationships that they are actually prepared for. He joins us today to discuss the details of this book, and what you can do to enhance your approach to your own romantic relationships…

Join the conversation now to discover:

  • What “attachment theory” is, and how it relates to our romantic relationships.
  • The importance of making a person feel deeply understood.
  • The four attachment styles, and how they influence romantic behavior.
  • What your “romantic GPS” is, and what it takes to understand it.
  • The secret key to a successful romantic relationship.

To find out more about Marc and his work, visit now!

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