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Author and researcher Asher Yaron talks about his process of discovering the elements of what it takes to bring in a satisfying pot of coffee.

He tells listeners 

  • That caffeine is only one of several important chemical components to coffee and how to make the most of them all,
  • Whether fresh-roasted coffee really needs to “rest” and other myths large coffee corporations spread, and
  • How compounds fresh from roasting have positive health impacts that deserve more research.

Author and speaker Asher Yaron has been working with coffee for over 15 years. He begins the conversation with his own discovery of some of the truths of coffee and coffee machines and then describes the evolution of coffee discovery by the industry starting in the 1990s. He makes his way to the first time he drank a cup of fresh roasted coffee and how that flavor was eye opening enough to pursue a fuller exploration of all things coffee

He explains to listeners what happens in a fresh roast that makes the difference and how a fresh grind prevents the oxidation that enables a flavor loss of an older grind. He also talks about how we are trained to think bitter means strong whereas it’s actually the opposite—the bitter flavor develops from age post-roasting.

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A fresh roast and grind can produce a strong, non -bitter flavor. Further, chemicals beyond the caffeine that lend positive feelings to the drinker are still part of the bean soon after a fresh roast.

He also addresses much of the harm and misleading information that’s been perpetuated by the big coffee industry such as the effort to make Nespresso coffee machines have their coffee appear to have crema to match the look of good coffee. He then turns to the ways individuals can roast their own coffee and how to grind and brew for the perfect cup.

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He describes the current products he’s designed and sells such as a specialized coffee machine called the Power Roaster that’s been on Kickstarter and addresses different grinding techniques.

Listen for more interesting science behind a good cup.

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For more, see his YouTube channel, Coffee University, and his web site,

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