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In this episode, we discuss the anti-aging effects of therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) with Dr. Irina Conboy, a professor in the Department of Bioengineering at UC Berkeley. Her current research focuses on unraveling the key signal transduction pathways that regulate adult stem cell behavior – and understanding how these pathways change with age…

From synthetic biology to CRISPR technologies, Dr. Conboy has been working in the fields of aging and genetic diseases for decades. Is aging a disease that can be solved? If so, what role does TPE play in it? If you’re interested in the mysterious topic of human aging, this podcast is undoubtedly for you!

Jump in to find out:

  • What TPE is, and what it’s used for. 
  • The benefits of “rebooting” blood signal proteins.
  • What blood plasma is, and how it is produced in the human body.
  • How TPE is linked to anti-aging.  

You can follow along with Dr. Conboy and her lab’s work here.

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