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In this episode, Marc Girardot joins us to discuss his innovative research on Bolus Theory. In his latest book, THE NEEDLE’S SECRET, Marc challenges the long-held beliefs associated with the scientific method, offering a new and unique perspective on the intersection of modern medicine and modern-day diseases…

Marc, a strategy consultant and member of PANDA, has authored several articles on COVID-19 and has actively participated in debates regarding natural immunity versus vaccine-induced immunity. His science-based perspective on the pandemic has impacted the lives of many individuals, educating them on the potential systematic public health risks associated with bolus injections.

Can some of the most perplexing and widespread health issues of our time be linked to the intravenous injection of vaccines? Tune in to find out for yourself!

In this conversation, we dive into:

  • The initial red flags that triggered Marc’s suspicions of COVID.
  • What the Bolus Theory, and what it says about modern medicine.
  • The difference between natural infections and vaccine injuries.
  • How autoimmune reactions to vaccines arise.

Want to learn more about Marc and his work? Click here now!

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