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Where can quantum computing take the next step to continue improving and begin outperforming current computers. Theoretically, physical transformations may be the next stage of development.

Listen up to learn:

  • The basic unit of quantum computation
  • The challenges that face quantum computation development
  • If biological systems can be emulated in quantum computers

A Research Fellow working in the Physics Department of the University of Oxford, Chiara Marletto, joins the conversation to discuss the quantum theory of computation.

While our current understanding of computers focuses mainly on speeding up and bolstering computing power, research leads quantum computational researchers in a new direction. Constructors theoretically have the capability to modify shape within the laws of physics and appear to be on the horizon for quantum computing.

Constructor theory relies on solving the problems from the current generation of computing machines, such as the noise, need for cold, and computational powers. What sets constructors apart from classical computers is the possibility of self-reproduction and a wide variety of other previously thought to be impossible tasks.

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