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Are you inadvertently shortening your pet’s lifespan? Without providing your fluffy friend with the proper diet, you may very well be.

Listen up to learn:

  • The impact of pet obesity
  • Which pet diet makes most evolutionary sense
  • Which components of your pet’s body composition matter most

Daniel Schulof, CEO of KetoNatural Pet Foods, shares his journey to spread the word and the importance of a healthy pet diet and change how your dog eats.

While you may believe the food you give your pet is wholesome and nutritious, it may be doing more harm than good. Unfortunately, since dietary carbohydrates are so cheap and marketing has become more effective, we have been fooled into thinking about what is healthy for your pet.

By focusing on protein and cutting carbohydrates out of your dog’s diet, it may actually be improved relatively quickly. However, you must keep in mind the other components of health to ensure the complete picture of health.

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