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Listen to your gut!

It’s a saying we all resonate with on some level, but is there any merit to it? As research on the connection between gut and overall human health grows, it seems there is.

Prebiotic and probiotic products boast the ability to improve gut health, but most of them have virtually no beneficial effect.

Learn why, and discover:

  • Why 95% + of probiotics on the market die before reaching the target (the intestines)
  • The risk of taking prebiotics that feed bad bacteria in the gut
  • What percentage of the immune system relies on gut health
  • The connection between the gut microbiome and mental health issues like anxiety and depression

The NIH Human Microbiome Project revolutionized what it means to have a “healthy gut.” As a consequence, it shed light on the serious shortcomings of most probiotics and prebiotics on the market. In essence, most of these products are either doing more harm than good, or not much at all.

When Tina Anderson made this discovery, she decided to do something about it. She and her husband were able to license specific probiotic strains from London University—strains that, unlike most on the market, actually reach the intestine alive and are therefore able to confer benefits to the consumer.

But that’s not all: this probiotic also produces antioxidants and carotenoids right at the site of absorption, adding even more benefits.

Anderson founded Just Thrive with the goal of making this product available to everyone. They now offer a prebiotic that also stands out among others on the market.

Anderson discusses all this and more, including exciting new products in the pipeline.

This podcast is sponoserd by Just Thrive. For 15% off any product, visit and use code: GENIUS15.

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