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What makes the secrets to raising money so complex? Not only must the business end be considered, but psychology and human motivation must also be regarded. Listen up to learn:

  • What makes a good fundraiser
  • How people can be compelled to donate
  • The average length of time it takes to run a campaign

Jim Lord, the author of The Raising of Money, shares his experience in the philanthropic world and the reasons why his book has become the most successful guide to philanthropy.

Philanthropy is a cornerstone for organizations and nonprofit groups and their longevity when making a difference in the world. However, convincing others to donate to the cause can be more complicated than you may think.

While it may initially seem that folks can be convinced simply on a financial or business basis, this is not always the case. In reality, many components like morality, psychology, and education are all integral components to a successful philanthropic effort.

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