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How can we ensure our coastlines remain around for the long haul? By paying attention to the wave climate, we can begin to take protective measures. Press play to learn:

  • The meaning of wave climate
  • The typical diurnal sand movement
  • How artificial structures can become “natural”

Dr. Will Bateman, CEO of CCell Renewables Ltd., shares his experience taking measures to protect our coasts and the diverse ecosystem they contain.

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While climate change has been recognized as a significant threat moving forward in human history, but coastal erosion may be a silent killer.

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However, by examining new factors and taking preventative and retroactive action, we may be able to hope to turn back the clocks and restore our coasts.

Through the restoration of coastlines through natural and manufactured means, very promising results have been recorded.

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For example, natural rock can form after implementing a structure into the coastline, and marine organisms will attach, only bolstering the effort.

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