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How can physics and science offer a deeper understanding of our place in life? Understanding the difference between wisdom and intelligence is the first step.

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  • How telescopes can be a sort of “time machine”
  • Why the Nobel Prize is so coveted amongst physicists
  • The purpose behind Brian Keating’s new book

Brian Keating, a Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor of physics, shares his work as a physicist studying the origins of the universe and the process that goes into chasing the Nobel Prize.

While many view science, and acutely physics, with a perception of unattainability and reverence, there is actually much to be learned from even simple observation. This can help one understand the knowledge which can be found from many sources and begin to build a level of wisdom.

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By understanding more of the universe’s inner workings, that data and intelligence can be applied to our everyday lives. To demonstrate this, Keating has compiled vital information from interviews with Nobel Prize winners so as many people as possible can glean the knowledge they offer.

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