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Peter Csathy, founder and chairman of CREATV Media, LLC (, delivers an insightful overview of new media and technology, and the immersive experience.

Csathy is an experienced media and technology entrepreneur—equal parts connector, advisor, investor, entrepreneur, executive, and strategic thinker. He spent his early career in traditional media then expanded along with the advancing technologies into new media and digital platforms. His long and impressive resume includes important leadership roles with multiple highly successful companies in the tech and media space. Csathy is the former CEO of many leading media companies and is an internationally recognized media and technology expert.

Csathy has received many accolades for his books covering the topics of his expertise. Forbes referred to his book, Media 2.0 (18): An Insider’s Guide to Today’s Digital Media World & Where It’s Going, as “an invaluable guide to the new media universe” and Variety stated it was “brilliant and compelling” and a “must-read.”

Csathy talks about CREATV Media’s mission as a media, entertainment, and tech business advisory firm working with companies that are pushing boundaries and the edge of creativity. CREATV Media is an advanced advisory service firm in the media/tech space and is recognized as an industry leader. Csathy’s firm offers specialized access to an impressive network of media, entertainment, and technology leaders, and powerful influencers. Csathy states that his team is comprised of connectors, dealmakers, and ‘opportunity’ spotters.

Csathy discusses some of his early companies and investments in the media, music, and tech space. He delves into the changing immersive space, that goes beyond VR, and takes it into real-world experience, bringing the technology into the field where users can walk around and interact with others. Csathy details his exciting immersive projects with Vortex Immersion Media, Inc., an advanced tech company of which he serves as chairman. Vortex Immersion Media produces innovative dome experiences, in which users can experience music and visuals in a 360-degree environment that envelope you in a 3D, virtual reality type experience.

The media expert talks about his vision for future immersive experiences, such as immersive escape rooms where people can literally escape to other worlds or environments for relaxation and play, etc. He explains how technology can truly impact our perceptions in a real way, physiologically. Csathy gives an overview of some immersive experiences hospitals are implementing for children with illnesses, providing immersive environments that allow them to experience snow covered mountains or other natural worlds that provide relief and comfort, and are fun. And amazingly, the children experience physiological impacts that actually reduce their physical pain in the same manner that drugs do.

Csathy discusses innovative media such as Netflix’s release of “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” one of the first truly interactive movie experiences ever released on a mass scale. Netflix created multiple experiences, variations on storylines, that allow a viewer to choose the path the story takes. As technology continues to advance, the opportunity to bring new, immersive experiences to users is immense. An immersive experience can bring new audiences to art and expressive media. Csathy discusses his excitement about using advancing technologies to essentially bring many musical artists back into the public eye in a unique manner, experiencing their artistry in entirely new ways—opening up younger generations to great music of the past.

The media guru expounds upon some of the technology that is changing the Hollywood industry, and his expectations for media in the coming years. Additionally, he discusses some of the topics and issues he writes about in his book, as well as in periodicals of note. Csathy’s thoughts and perspectives on the nexus of technology and media are regularly featured in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Venturebeat, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, TheWrap, Billboard, USA Today, and many more. Csathy is a board member and advisor to ultiple media and tech companies.

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