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John Hamilton, CEO of UNLTD (, a company that is blazing the trail forward in the design, creation, and branding of high-end virtual reality experiences, delivers an interesting overview of the advances in virtual and augmented reality.

Hamilton talks about his background and starting out in the film industry as a producer and distribution executive. He recounts how his first interaction with a true VR experience so impressed him that he was hooked, and had to find a way to explore this exciting new area, bringing all of his business experience to the burgeoning VR and AR (augmented reality) media platforms.

Hamilton’s company, UNLTD, seeks to push the boundaries of the industry, creating new experiences that combine all available technologies in the space. Virtual and augmented reality are exciting new mediums—hybrids between interactive media, immersive and dramatic cinematic content, and mobile experiences. UNLTD offers branded and original VR/360/AR content for groundbreaking immersive and interactive media that includes film, gaming, series, apps, and advertising. Specifically, UNLTD has expertise in directing and developing VR arcade installations, content production, virtual reality, augmented reality, interactivity, 360 visual effects, and 3D environments.

Hamilton explains the details of VR, AR, and mixed or hybrid reality experiences, and how each works. He details how an individual experiences each, from screen to headset, etc. or combinations that come together to create a completely immersive experience. He talks about his earlier work in VR for film and branding, and how he and his partners shifted their focus to encompass new media experiences for multiple industries from oil & gas, to medical, and beyond. He states that their primary focus, and the source of their greatest revenue, will be in the enterprise market. Enterprise marketing is essentially a development strategy to retain an existing customer base while generating new active leads via integrated, multichannel campaigns. Hamilton talks about their clients and the reasons why they come to UNLTD to rebrand or get moving in a new exciting direction to grow their business.

The VR guru discusses how they bring their unique storytelling skills to every new project, for not only an immersive experience but also one that cannot become boring, due to the creative story that is developed for the experience. Hamilton cites specific examples of their work and projects. He provides an overview of a particular oil & gas project UNLTD developed that is essentially a game simulation which allows users to perform the requisite checks to ensure all is in working order, from checking a manifold for proper connection to reviewing inspection dates on equipment, and much more. He states that this type of simulation is a highly effective way to train people in a safe environment before they even take one step onto a ship, so they can be prepared for their jobs in onloading or offloading or whatever it may be.

Hamilton enthusiastically discusses a new experience/show called Trinity, which his team has developed and is very excited about. Trinity is an immersive, interactive, virtual reality sci-fi experience that incorporates live-action characters, big budget movie VFX, and the most trendsetting interactive design. He outlines some of the details of their volumetric capture and how they were able to go back and forth between live and volumetric. Volumetric video is a progressive technique that captures a three dimensional space, such as a specific location or performance. With this process you can acquire data that can then be viewed on flat screens as well as via 3D displays and VR goggles.

UNLTD generates tailored, branded and original VR content for truly interactive media experiences, including films, games, series, advertising, promotional stunts, rides, as well as for educational and medical applications, and other industries.


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