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Can we finally get a look into a tumor with cerebrospinal fluid? Using CNSide, Biocept may have found the answer.

Press play to learn:

  • How the fluid is concentrated for examination
  • The validity of the metastatic chain
  • Where the process can work most effectively

Michael Dugan, MD, Biocept’s Senior Vice President, shares his work using new technology to better look into cancer tumors and metastasis.

Previous iterations of biopsies for tumors in the body are highly invasive and difficult to perform. However, with the new technology of CNSide, the implementation of cerebrospinal fluid can make the process much easier.

With a better look into the tumors, a more targeted approach can be used for patient treatment. Additionally, since it can be easier to get a cell count, treatment efficacy can be more effectively gauged along the way.

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