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Is graphene oxide the real killer we face in recent times? Due to its high toxicity and unique structure, it may not be the miracle solution we think.

Listen up to learn:

  • What graphene oxide is meant to be used for
  • How graphene oxide relates to GMOs
  • The impact on fertility caused by graphene oxide

Dr. Bill McGraw, the author of Mercury: The Ultimate Truth and Chronic Disease, shares a warning about a prevalent and toxic chemical widely found in increasingly increased amounts.

While initially touted for its myriad revolutionary uses, graphene oxide may be much more dangerous than its benefits warrant.

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Yet, despite the hesitations of professionals globally, the use and spread of graphene oxide continue to proliferate.

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In these turbulent times we face today, graphene oxide has become more used than ever, leading to increased and more direct toxicity. However, the more each of us learns, the more protected we can be against inaccurate information.

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Check out this Article from Dr. Bill McGraw on Rife:
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