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Is there an invisible epidemic that is the underlying cause of more problems than we may initially think?

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Stemming from mental illness and trauma, the negative impacts on many facets of society have been severely detrimental.

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Press play to learn:

  • What the invisible epidemic consists of
  • How healing personal trauma can help others
  • How to take the first step

Psychiatrist and consultant Dr. Paul Conti shares his work healing trauma and helping the world out of the invisible epidemic.

The positive and negative feelings we hold on a daily basis inevitably end up spilling over and affecting the world around us. By working to heal our traumas and building the goodness within, we can improve the world around us on a personal level.

However, this change requires a deeply personal understanding and recognizing the chronic trauma we have been exposed to.

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Being able to take stock of what goes on inside all of us will help enable the first steps to be taken.

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