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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Has the world of medicine turned to over-technical solutions for events and problems with holistic paths to wellness? From pregnancy to stress, the crossroads of spirituality and science may be where the true answers lie.

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Press play to learn:

  • How acupressure tapping techniques work
  • How the language we use impacts our body
  • Why current medical research may be hampered

Karen Curry Parker of the Quantum Revolution Podcast shares her work in the spiritual and medical world, helping the world to realize how to unlock the potential in our future.

When Karen Curry Parker realized the birth process might be becoming denaturalized and holistic solutions were more effective in her personal life, a switch flipped.

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From coaching others in their lives to healing their personal issues, using spirituality and science has shown its efficacy.

While the current medical world rejects many of the alternative treatments and tends to hamper research and treatment, it may be incredibly effective for individuals who open their minds to it. Going forward, researching the impact of language on DNA is the next step on Karen Curry Parker’s path.

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