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Is the gut the gateway to taking control of your overall health?

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By ensuring a healthy gut through nutrition, significant benefits can be seen in a wide variety of cases. Press play to learn:

  • What is present in the gut microbiome
  • Common mistakes contributing to the dysfunction of the gut
  • How a multidisciplinary approach can benefit nutrition clients

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Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant Pamela Groulx shares her work shifting how folks think about their health, nutrition, and the gut microbiome.

After struggling to find solutions for her daughter’s auto-immune condition, Pamela found a solution in the gut. By eliminating some foods and modifying her daughter’s diet, much of the issue was solved, and her daughter finally found relief.

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By establishing a healthy and balanced diet full of gut-healthy foods, many folks can find relief for their persistent problems. Since it is simple, safe, and effective to modify your diet for gut health, it may be an excellent first choice for many who do not know where else to turn.

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