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We are shaped by the social and physical environments in which we live. And by examining how this idea has played out in her own life, licensed psychologist Maria Schmid has come to a place where she is capable of helping others through the difficulties of life.

Press play to discover:

  • What it means to say that people see themselves in relation to other people
  • Four things to recognize and focus on in order to gain a greater perspective in life
  • The universal importance of feeling heard, seen, and recognized, especially as we change over time

“I never liked the statement ‘everything happens for a reason,’ but I do believe that things happen with meaning,” says Schmid, explaining how and why living in the present moment is so key.

Reflection, resilience, relational health, and ritual are the four “Rs” Schmid helps her clients focus on. She explains each in detail, and shares insight from her work with clients.

Tune in to hear the full conversation, and learn more about Schmid’s work at

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