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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Can the FDA and current scientific medical establishment be trusted? Based on recent events, they may not be the pillar of honestly and health they have postured to be.

Listen in to learn:

  • Who is to blame for scientific misunderstandings
  • Why the establishment does not discuss the immune system
  • Why alternative treatments may have been censored

John Droz, a Physicist and Environmental Advocate, shares what he has learned from research into the causes and bad actors in current scientific explanations.

While many of us think we understand and are active in the nature of science, it has really become political science rather than what it was created to do. Since we do not have a good understanding, it leaves the population vulnerable to misinformation and dangerous omissions.

With the FDA being so tied into the current medical establishment, it leaves it vulnerable to falling victim to the same traps as the general population. Moreover, since the establishment controls the FDA, which regulates the approval of new drugs, the establishment influences how we perceive effective treatment.

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