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“Just because small is beautiful doesn’t mean big has to be ugly,” says Gary Pisano, as he explains the main theme of his latest book, Creative Construction: The DNA of Sustained Innovation. At its core, this book overturns the idea that innovation can only really be achieved by small entrepreneurial companies. Pisano argues that instead of seeing the size of an enterprise as an impediment to innovation, large enterprises simply need to use their size to their advantage when forging and implementing innovative changes. The key, says Pisano, is in having a clear and concise definition of what innovation means to a specific company, and formulating specific plans for achieving different types of innovation.

On today’s episode, you will discover:

  • Three specific reasons why enterprises struggle to launch successful innovation initiatives
  • What it is that determines who and what is considered valuable within large companies—and how to wield this knowledge to your advantage
  • How to think systematically and strategically about innovation

Press play for all the details and buy Pisano’s popular book on Amazon or a bookstore near you.

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