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Does there need to be a new approach to treating and handling mental health disorders?

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Using understanding and a naturopathic approach, previously unconsidered solutions may appear. Press play to learn:

  • What a naturopathic approach to treatment entails
  • Which form of bipolar is more receptive to naturopathic treatment
  • Why finding the root of the mental health problem is so critical

Doctor Of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Christina Bjorndal, shares her experience with her own mental health struggles and their journey to help others who struggle as well.

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Many practitioners and patients believe the only path to treatment of mental health disorders is purely medication prescription. However, through attempting to understand the patient and their circumstances along with a more naturalized treatment approach, success can be found where previously thought impossible.

Additionally, improvements can be made to supplement more traditional treatment by ensuring that many other areas of life are in line with health standards like sleep and nutrition. If the rest of the body is aligned, the chances are that a patient struggling with their mental health will have a more solid foundation on which to build the rest of their treatment.

Visit to learn more, or visit to see more of Dr. Bjorndal’s work.

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