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Sleep medicine is a rapidly evolving field, and Joe Schulz, Dale Moseley, and Adam Moseley are right in the middle of it, working with cutting-edge technology to bring relief for patients suffering from a variety of sleep disorders. In 2005, Joe Schulz was working as a sleep technologist when he founded Delta Waves, a company that seeks to encourage a collaborative effort between doctors and researchers in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea and 60 other sleep disorders.

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Adam Moseley is a registered polysomnographic technologist who manages a portion of the sleep department at Delta Waves, running sleep studies in the lab six nights a week, collecting data from patients for the identification of different sleep disorders, and providing immediate intervention for those with low oxygen levels and apnea. From all of the data and patient feedback they’ve received, the team at Delta Waves has gained some major insights, one of which is that the two most common complaints from users of CPAP machines have to do with fit and comfortability.

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By working with the top two manufacturers of adaptive servo-ventilation (ASV), CPAP, and BiPAP machines, Delta Waves is able to offer patients access to equipment that’s not even on the market yet, and they’re seeing positive results: happier patients, better compliance.

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Tune in for all the details and visit to learn more.

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