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Enrique Cubillo is an advocate of something you might see often, but not hear about in these terms: transport sports.

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He explains that transport sports recreate (like all other sports) but also serve transportation skill sets, like in-line skating, scooters, or cycling.

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But aside from an educator and advocate of these transport sports, Cubillo is the innovator of a set of movements referred to as “SpikeBoarding.

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” What’s that, you might ask?

“SpikeBoarding is everything that cross-country skiing has ever been, brought onto a skateboard,” explains Cubillo. But beyond serving as a source of transportation and helping people in field games such as field hockey and football, Cubillo explains that by operating on strength, endurance, and balance, SpikeBoarding can address the increasingly common single sport use issues that are leading to injuries. Cubbilo is also the CEO of SUSOIX, which is a manufacturing company that teaches and produces equipment for SpikeBoarding. To learn more about this sport that’s quickly gaining traction, tune in, visit, and check out their YouTube channel for some awesome videos.


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