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Terracycle is back, and this time we have its CEO, Tom Szaky. Terracycle has rapidly become an innovative recycling company and global leader in recycling hard-to-recycle waste.

From recycling #7 plastic to traditionally “un-recyclable” materials (juice pouches), Terracycle has been able to reduce landfill waste as well as provide reliable and useable source materials for manufacturers.

Tom’s aim is to eliminate the concept of waste altogether. His vision has been a driving force in recycling 1 Million Pounds of waste per week, making Terracycle a leader in the “Circular Economy”. They have introduced world’s first recycling database that helps people identify where they can go to recycle almost any household product.

Terracycle now serves 21 countries around the world with a vision to reduce landfill use globally.

The biggest challenge in the waste / recycling process is to cover the direct and indirect costs while generating profit. In order to tackle this, they try and ensure recycled materials meet manufacturer’s requirements and are recycled on demand.

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