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Unhappy with the lack of messaging in much of today’s music, which singer/songwriter Tatiana Moroz attributes to lack of access for artists and the unwillingness of record labels to promote controversial artists, Tatiana created the first cryptocurrency designed to support artists.

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Users can donate money and receive TatianaCoin in return, which can be spent on merchandise, shared with friends, or used to access exclusive content through the Tokenly platform. The goal is to put the power of the music industry back into the hands of artists and fans, who should be the ones determining what musical and artistic content they want to consume.

Tatiana is also the founder of Crypto Media Hub, which offers marketing, consulting, public relations, and community management for companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces.

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Tatiana plans to speak at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Super Conference happening February 16-18 in Dallas, Texas.

For more information, visit www.

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