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In an effort to provide needed education about news and information related to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, CryptoVice was founded in 2017.

The website is currently being revamped with the help of customer feedback, in order to reflect growing interest in alt-coins, as well as to provide resources for frequently asked questions about understanding the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Though there are not as many barriers to entry in this space as there were several years ago, there is still a challenge in getting individuals involved and learning about the space.

Now that there are hundreds of professionals who can give credibility to space, most of the remaining barriers can be overcome through education–which is where CryptoVice comes in.

Troy and Ryan also discuss whether or not we are already seeing the early majority and the move towards widespread adoption, and the future of the industry. They also share some of their predictions for the space in the upcoming year, particularly around decentralized exchanges and privacy coins.

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