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Most people are under the impression that the water they consume is being monitored for harmful chemicals and quality-checked on a continuous basis, but in reality, this generally isn’t the case. In some locations, water safety is only verified once every two years, which leaves room for periods of contamination to be missed, and citizens to unknowingly consume chemicals that are harmful to their health.

Over the past year in Denmark, reports of pesticides in the water have become increasingly common, putting everyone on edge about their health and safety, and bringing to light concerns over safe water practices in other countries, including the US.

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So, what’s the solution? As the head of a new project at Intelligent Pollutant Monitoring, Jafar Noori is working on one.

He joins the podcast today to discuss the development of a new device designed to detect the presence of harmful chemicals in the water, primarily glyphosate (commonly known as Roundup). The device will be available for use by municipalities, and will provide a continuous stream of data—up to the latest millisecond—related to the health of the water people are consuming.

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Noori discusses a number of surprising, and even frightening topics, including the life-threatening effects of common water pollutants on human health.

Tune in to hear the full discussion.

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