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Jules Chandler joins us today to discuss her journey with Graves’ disease and her approach to health after undergoing total thyroidectomy. Chandler’s interest in thyroid conditions began after she noticed symptoms of her own overactive thyroid. In this episode, Jules shares her experience of conventional medical treatments, including the roller coaster of fluctuating hormones, a side effect of her treatment. Despite being told by doctors after years of treatment that her condition was cured, Chandler did not feel that her symptoms had fully resolved; as a result, she began experimenting with adjustments to her diet and was able to identify gluten as a trigger for inflammation in her body.

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By making changes to her diet – which expanded to changes to her lifestyle – Chandler was able to find relief for her symptoms in ways that previous treatments were unable to provide. This inspired her to pursue a degree in naturopathic nutrition, and today she helps her clients manage many of their symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes.

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Tune in to hear Jules Chandler’s inspiring story, as well as a list of resources that Chandler believes, may be helpful for those looking to take control of their own thyroid health. For more information,



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