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Mark Russell, founder of Rocking Bed (, talks extensively about sleep quality, and their rocking bed that is causing a stir in the good sleep industry.

Russell is a self-described career entrepreneur, and his curiosity for creation has led him on an interesting journey in business. From small business to tree service, computers to marketing, with a little software design, advertising and sales thrown in, Russell has really done it all. In this interesting podcast, Russell talks about his exciting creation, Rocking Bed, the better way to fall asleep.

Russell discusses the bed that will literally allow you to sleep like a baby again, as it gently rocks you to sleep. Russell recounts his early experiences as a child, trying to sleep in the family car on long road trips.

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He talks about a cruise he went on in 2004 that literally rocked his world. As he describes, he was truly amazed by the quality of sleep he got due to the cruise vessel’s gentle rocking motion. After the cruise he was driven to find a way to create this experience in his own home, and after much study and research, Rocking Bed was born.

The sleep entrepreneur discusses various studies on movement and sleep, and explains that some studies are backing what he already knew to be true—that motion helps with sleep. As he states, the rocking motion of their product is so subtle that most people who try out their product at demo/trade shows think the rocking stops when they close their eyes, and then open their eyes quickly to discover that it’s still rocking.

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Russell recounts some of the stories he has heard from people regarding sleep and the rocking bed, and he talks about the immense potential for special needs children who need to be rocked to even fall asleep.

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He talks about the mechanics of the bed, its movement, and the potential for helping those who have trouble falling asleep. And Russell explains some of the product tweaks that they are working on to try to keep quality high but lower the price point. Ultimately, it is Russell’s hope that they can launch the bed to a larger audience as they grow their business, and help everyone… find a way to better sleep.

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