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Shane Brett, CEO of Gecko Governance is quoted as saying “They say 2018 is the year of subpoenas and 2019, well that will be the year of trials.” Unfortunately, this could be a reality in the investment crypto space, if companies don’t adjust their compliance practices. Perhaps its time we all start paying attention to companies like Gecko Governance.

Founded in 2015, Gecko Governance is a self-proclaimed collection of products allowing fund managers, regulators and investors to meet compliance and regulatory tasks on a single blockchain platform. The company also, more recently, has been working on a tool to provides managers and banks with a verifiable, independent audit trail that meets the requirements of global financial regulators.

Brett believes 2018 is going to be a year where we will see huge leaps and bounds of regulation in this space and his company wanted to build a solution for management fund regulation and compliance that can be used and interpreted globally. He has noted that particularly in the crypto world, regulators are waking up and cracking down on the compliance framework. Every year millions of dollars are lost to scammers.

In July of this year, at the G20 Summit Meeting, it is expected that key country official will be reporting and recommending some sort of global framework for managing the crypto investing space. Gecko Governance, with their arsenal of compliance tools, hopes to fill the gap and aid investors, regulators and fund managers in tightening up their crypto space protocols and reporting.

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