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It’s difficult to imagine the rise of Bitcoin without Nick Spanos, one of the earliest supports of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Join Spanos as he discusses the past, present, and future of an industry that he helped create and which he refers to as a “monetary revolution.”

In some ways, cryptocurrency is not about money; but is about individual freedom. In building the world’s first trust network, Spanos maintains that his goal was always more about activism than business. Frustrated with the negative media coverage of Bitcoin, Spanos opened Bitcoin Centre NYC on Wall Street next to the New York Stock Exchange which soon became the center of the Bitcoin universe.

Today, Spanos admits that the cryptocurrency explosion happened much faster than he ever imagined. He continues to believe in Bitcoin, not only as a way to be financially independent from banks, but also as a way to help make the world better. Spanos is also the CEO and founder of the Zap, which allows real-world data to trigger financial events using blockchain technology.

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