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One night of poor sleep can ruin the week. Chronic poor sleep can disrupt short and long-term mental and physical health.

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And traditional sleep methods are misguided, which is why most of them don’t work.

Press play to discover:

  • Why the mind stays active even when you want to sleep, and how to make the mind go quiet without even trying to make it do so
  • How and why all other sleep methods fall short of helping most people achieve sleep
  • How the Sleep Easy method is a form of mind-body healing, easily achievable, and used as a replacement for sleep aids by many people
  • Why quality sleep lowers healthcare costs

Internationally renowned sleep expert and Co-Founder/Chief Clinical Officer at Sleep Easy, Richard Shane, has been featured in over 100 medical journals and publications.

Today, he shares his insights with listeners, and even leads them through a four-minute experience of the body sensations of sleep—a method he says triggers neurological switches for sleep.

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It’s not hypnosis, it’s not meditation; it’s simpler than both.

For years, Shane struggled with “horrific” insomnia…leading him into a state of terror and anger, until he realized that he could use his experience as a way to discover how sleep happens. Through this process, he captured what he calls “secrets from the depths of sleep itself,” recording these secrets, implementing them into his method, and now sharing them with people all over the world.

The Sleep Easy method is a 14-day program consisting of daily and nightly recordings aimed at bringing people from insomnia to progressively deeper levels of sleep. In the near future, a clinical study will not only measure how quickly people enjoy improved sleep using this method, but also how this results in lower healthcare costs.

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For more about his work, Visit

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