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A Los Angeles native, Babak holds a clinical doctorate in clinical psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology, where he also obtained a master’s in organizational behavior. He is the originator of the moderative psychotherapy. Currently living in Portland, Oregon with his wife and children, he is in private practice at Integrative NW as a clinical and health psychologist. Babak is also a fiction author and, as Secret Arcade, a music artist. Babak’s writing debuted in North American Review (“Fighting Fish”), and he was a finalist for a Glimmer Train award. His story “Glow,” published in Palo Alto Review, was deemed “flawless” and “brilliant” by Shenandoah literary review. His book, a dystopian psychological novel, A-Void, examines accelerating (exponential) change and information overload, and was selected as a Top Ten Book of 2018. Secret Arcade’s debut electronic rock album, Quarter Century, skyrocketed on college radio. A popular docu-series on A&E/Lifetime recently offered him a role, but he turned it down to focus on his theory, his writing, his music, and his family.


In this podcast, Babak Govan, PhD, MAOB, psychologist at Integrative NW, provides an overview of insomnia treatment, psychopathology, and more.

Podcast Points:

  • Could too much ‘bad’ news in our daily feed be bringing on depression?
  • Can insomnia be cured? Treatment options
  • An overview of psychological issues

Dr. Govan is actively engaged in helping people manage their anxiety and depression, ADHD, self-defeating behaviors, and substance abuse. Dr. Govan talks about his background and discusses health psychology, the interface of medical and psychological issues. Going deeper, Dr. Govan explains how his practice subspecializes in treating insomnia.

Dr. Govan explains just how common depression is today in America, and he discusses the various sociogenic factors that may be exacerbating the rise in depression cases nationally. Dr. Govan discusses tools to manage psychological issues, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, but he stresses that cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT, is only one possible avenue for treatment.

The PhD elaborates on the importance of limiting our negative influencers, such as the preponderance of negative news that is seemingly always breaking. He discusses his thoughts on the relative impact of modern technology that delivers news 24/7, and ways we can limit our exposure to negative influences. Continuing, the doctor discusses the concept of loneliness, and how technology may be severely disconnecting us.

Dr. Govan talks about the kinds of clients they work with. He discusses the problem of insomnia, which can be a psychodynamic, deeper issue. He discusses abrupt insomnia versus cases in which people have had chronic sleep problems for a long period, and how the latter understand that it could be a long term issue for them to solve over time.

Dr. Govan reiterates the importance of taking control of the environments in which we exist. He talks about time management, as well as journalistic errors, and how so often in our modern society, things fall through the cracks.

Wrapping up, Dr. Govan provides information on the specific types of cases they deal with at Integrative NW, and how they seek to help people manage their many and varied issues.

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