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Can the human species begin to unravel the cosmic mysteries our planet is surrounded by? Physics may give us a peek behind the curtain of the universe.

Listen in to learn:

  • How humans define life outside of our planet
  • If species can re-evolve
  • Whether extraterrestrial life can be expected to have features similar to humans

Associate Professor at The Australian National University, Charley Lineweaver, discusses the possibilities and implications of life outside of our universe.

To begin understanding the origin of life, we cannot keep the definition tethered to a human’s understanding of our lives and history. Opening the constraints allows for an examination of time or life before our species was present.

By loosening the criteria for a specific trait, species-specific characteristics are removed, which can broaden the possibilities for life. This may open the path to trace all of life back to a single organism.

For more information, search for Charley Lineweaver on Google or your search engine of choice.

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