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Louise Charles, Communications Manager at Climeworks (, provides an overview of how Climeworks’ technology is helping with CO2 removal from the atmosphere.

Louise is a multilingual, expert communications specialist with vast experience working cross-culturally in communications, project management, as well as translation.

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Louise discusses the history and founding of Climeworks and how it has grown to a company of seventy employees to date.

Louise discusses their innovative CO2 collectors, and how their system’s fans draw in the air and filter it.

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As climate change is driven by the activities of humans, through the burning of fossil fuels that release dangerous levels of carbon dioxide into the air that are directly causing global warming, Climeworks’ technology seeks to help with CO2 removal from the atmosphere. Climate change desperately needs advanced carbon removal technologies and this is where Climeworks is stepping up to meet the challenge, because climate scenarios have demonstrated that negative emissions will be necessary in order to keep global warming below critical levels.

The Communications Manager talks about the many ways that they can utilize the collected CO2 in various other uses for multiple industries. She explains their storage options and the economic options for countries who are utilizing the CO2 collection technology. Continuing, Louise expounds upon the rewards systems that parties can take advantage of when they provide information on their offset emissions. She talks about the costs of CO2 capture, as well their goals for decreasing costs in the future as they streamline and expand.

Wrapping up, the technology expert and Communications Manager talks about their larger projects that capture even greater amounts of CO2, possibly even millions of tons. And she discusses the Climeworks timeline and their goals for CO2 capture as they expand their operations.

Climeworks’ expansion of the world’s first commercial carbon removal technology will hopefully lead us to a negative emissions future that will be better for the planet and the living organisms, including us, who reside upon it.

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