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Ron Williams is with Spire, a company that has integrated with UpChannel in the development of pre-installed applications on smartphones sold in emerging markets. Spire’s ICO is currently underway and will lead to the launch of a digital currency wallet application that will support Bitcoin and the Spire token.

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The ultimate goal of the app is to simplify the user experience by allowing access to and use of several different tokens through just one: the Spire token.

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Williams sees the simplification of crypto-based transactions especially important in emerging markets where consumers may be experiencing smartphone and blockchain technology for the first time.

Spire will be partnering with several categories of digital apps that will be useful to this market, such as identity, basic financial and basic banking services. While the user will be using the Spire token for transactions, the tokens associated with each digital app will be used behind the scenes.

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To learn more about Spire’s benefits and future plans, visit


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