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As the head of IOT security and strategic business development at Irdeto, Mark Hearn brings 50 years of experience to provide customers the highest level of security. Any place where software is being written, there is a security need.

Irdeto has three main priorities: help businesses identify and develop security strategies, monitor hacking activity on the dark web in order to stay current with what’s happening behind the scenes, and invest in technology that makes hacking less beneficial to hackers.

“IOT is growing exponentially, but we’re also making it a little easier for hackers to get in…so very strong security strategy and making sure that companies understand the threats and the risks that they may encounter with their products is critical in today’s environment,” says Hearn.

Hearn brings a wealth of information to the discussion, and also provides some insight into how the major 2013 hack on Target was carried out.


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