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Kit Tran, chief marketing officer at HyreCar (hyrecar.

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com), delivers an overview of the rideshare industry and how his company is helping to build a bridge between drivers and vehicle owners. While many people are excited to get into the potentially lucrative, make your own schedule career of rideshare driving, 40% of those who desire to drive are denied the opportunity because their car simply doesn’t meet Uber or Lyft’s standards. Thus, HyreCar is there to bridge the gap, offering solutions for drivers and vehicle owners who want to work, and make money, respectively.

HyreCar is an app that allows car owners to rent their vehicles to ridesharing drivers who either don’t have a vehicle of their own, or their vehicle fails to meet the standards of their rideshare employer, or they simply prefer to not use their own vehicle. It’s a startup company that brings together a sharing economy model and on-demand economy model that benefits all parties involved.

Tran’s company, HyreCar, was launched as a means to empower entrepreneurs by leveraging technology, and HyreCar seeks to become the undisputed leader in automotive asset sharing. In an on-demand economy, drivers can make one thousand dollars per week or more, so the demand for vehicles is on the rise. Vehicle owners who have an extra vehicle to spare, or drive infrequently with the vehicle they do have, can make a substantial amount of money by renting out their Uber or Lyft approved vehicle.

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In fact, owners can sometimes make $14,000 per year, possibly even more.

Tran speaks about HyreCar’s higher mission, which is enabling people to get on the path to financial freedom. He shares some stories of their successes in this area, as their service has allowed many who were once homeless or underemployed find a solution to greater financial stability. He gives an overview of their service, covering the terms and various background checks that potential drivers must go through in order to work with HyreCar. As HyreCar is a tech platform that is designed to work in tandem with the rideshare companies, HyreCar’s vehicles must be used for ridesharing specifically.

Tran discusses future opportunities for HyreCar and drivers alike, as they continue to evolve to meet the growing demands of the industry. Tran states that their primary goal is to build bridges to financial freedom, and through that lens, they look at many potential paths they can take to improve lives and meet demands. He discusses possible opportunities, as drivers or owners may want to expand and create their own fleet of vehicles and thus find even more avenues for financial success. For as Tran states, an easier path to ownership benefits everyone.


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