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Jade Nelson, speaker, coach, epilepsy advocate, community health educator, and author of My Keto Toolkit, delivers a passionate account of her journey to better health through lifestyle changes and the ketogenic diet. Nelson shares her story and details on her remarkable path to healing at her website ( Nelson’s book, My Keto Toolkit, is equal parts a survival guide and overview of her path to becoming a ketogenic epilepsy warrior. Nelson shares her 31-year journey with an epilepsy diagnosis, her personal experience with self-care, the ketogenic diet, health insurance and more. The informative book provides tips, resources, and information on favorite products, as well as many personal recipes, etc., that can help people to take the first step toward a healthier life with more energy and a feeling of well being. It is a guide to a lifestyle that will truly be life-changing.

Nelson describes how a strict ketogenic diet worked for her, but that other might achieve positive results from variations on the diet, such as a modified Atkins, or simply a low-carb approach. Nelson describes the incredible changes she felt once she took the plunge into a ketogenic lifestyle, such as feeling more alert, having an abundance of energy, feeling happier, and living with a general sense of wellness within the body. Overall she was simply less emotionally drained, and she no longer needed those daily naps; her life was restored.

The nutrition authority offers valuable information on the importance of tweaking one’s diet to ensure it is providing the maximum health benefits. She discusses the process of gluconeogenesis, which is what happens when the body receives more protein than it needs and converts it into glucose, which can push someone out of ketosis. Nelson explains that the process of discovery and experimentation can lead ketogenic dieters to a plan that is optimum for them, as everyone is different internally to some degree. She stresses that the ketogenic diet will cause many to feel satiated more often, not as hungry as they might have been before beginning the diet, and the importance of monitoring the diet, especially if one’s body fat is low to ensure that body muscle is not adversely impacted.

Nelson outlines some helpful tips for those who are on the go. She states that there are more ketogenic products available in the marketplace today, including many travel items, oils, and supplementary foods that are grab-and-go and convenient. She explains that there are many ways to supplement meals when eating out or traveling, options that can round out the ketogenic diet and allow everyone to keep on track with their ketogenic routine and stay in ketosis. Additionally, she describes some of the ketogenic products that she has had success with but stresses that it is real food, not products, that is the key to success in a ketogenic lifestyle and diet.

The ketogenic educator discusses ketogenic specifics for women and some of the important issues to consider to ensure that their diet doesn’t adversely affect their natural cycle. She warns that excessively low caloric intake and insufficient nutrients can possibly cause some women to become amenorrheic, which is the loss of their period, so women should be aware, and adjust their diets accordingly to avoid this problem.

Nelson discusses her path to success on the ketogenic diet, and the many people she has worked with on an individual basis, as well as her coaching and live event speaking engagements where she outlines a wealth of information on the diet and nutrition in general. She encourages people to reach out to her through her website as well as through instagram (@thetraininsideme) and on facebook.


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