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Nicola Beer, internationally-recognized and award-winning expert in relationship psychology and transformation, provides an interesting overview of her work with individuals—helping people improve relationships, heal trauma, and live fuller lives. She is a leading authority on save your marriage techniques.

Beer has dedicated her life to helping people repair, renew, and reinvigorate their relationships. For more than ten years, Beer has assisted thousands of men and women from many corners of the world to live more vibrant lives by healing their damaged relationships and traumas. Her popular empowered love program has helped countless people and she is dedicated to helping bring positivity into lives.

Beer discusses her background and her path toward her current career and focus. She talks about the difference between her male and female clients, and the areas that are of most importance to each, on average. From separations to divorces, emotional issues and distance between partners, Beer works with many and various issues and the couples that struggle with them. She cites specific examples of the challenges couples face, discussing emotions, guilt, communication, and more. And Beer delves into some of the areas and times in a relationship that are most challenging, when problems tend to develop, often because of unmet expectations from one or both partners. From financial struggles and beyond, Beer talks about the many ways that we can take action to seek improvement.

Beer co-authored four international best-sellers and she has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, HuffPost, and Wall Street Select.

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