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How can children who struggle to learn how to read catch up? Through literacy interventions and tailored support, reading is within reach of everyone!

  • How a decoder can help children bridge the gap
  • The best strategies to help your child
  • How children can progress after the program

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Sara Rich, CEO of Just Right Reader, shares her work to help every child succeed in their literacy journey, regardless of the stage at which they find themselves.

Literacy can be a challenge for children at a variety of stages along their learning journey.

Unfortunately, until recently, tailored support was hard to come by, and children were at risk of falling behind.

Using systems that have been proven to work, like decoding and progressive literacy steps, children can find a fun and less frustrating path to reading. At Just Right Reader, various options are available for children throughout a range of literacy stages, allowing families to find the solutions that work for them.

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