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Dr. Florian Neukart, principle scientist at Volkswagen, delivers a comprehensive analysis of quantum computing and simulation utilized for research.

As principal scientist at Volkswagen Group, Dr.

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Neukart, focuses on intensive research in the fields of quantum computing, quantum machine learning, artificial intelligence, as well as materials science. He is a skilled computer scientist, mathematician, and noted scientific author. His particular study in the area of reverse-engineering the mind by systematically replacing the biological brain with manufactured components, such as quantum nanobots, electrodes, etc. has drawn a lot of interest in the scientific community.

Dr. Neukart discusses quantum systems and their extensive research utilizing quantum systems for simulation. By simulating molecules and atoms, Dr.

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Neukart hopes to gain a better understanding of materials’ properties, which could prove very useful for battery materials, regarding cathode and anode.

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Traditional, non-quantum, simulations leave a lot to be desired, and Dr. Neukart is excited about the accuracy in simulation that can be provided via quantum computers. He details the specifics of algorithms and artificial neural networks in relation to quantum computers with the goal of developing algorithms that are more accurate, and learn faster.

The quantum computing scientist details the movement of specific atoms and electrons, and the process during simulation of working with nuclei to better understand the energy surface of the molecule, to learn more about materials’ properties. Dr. Neukart explains how they use machine learning in their study, and the specifics of training models with quantum chips, to eventually be used in products. Dr. Neukart outlines the types of quantum computers they use in their research and how they work, as well as the potential difficulties each may present.

Dr. Neukart discusses the third area of interest in their research, beyond materials simulation and machine learning, and that is optimization. He discusses optimization in terms of traffic mobility, citing specifics with transportation services such as taxis, subway, buses, etc. He explains how optimization models can reduce wait times for passengers and increase productivity and efficiency. And this is an area where quantum computing can truly accelerate innovation.

Dr. Neukart earned his Ph.D. in quantum computing and artificial intelligence from the Transilvania University of Brasov, and a master’s degree in information technology from the CAMPUS 02 University of Applied Sciences in Graz. Additionally, Neukart holds a master’s degree in computer science from the Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Kapfenbergn.

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