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Richard Jacobs, founder of Future Tech Podcast, talks about the lessons he’s learned from creating 300 podcasts over the last 10 months, and how they can impact your business growth.

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own podcast, either to help develop your business or for personal interest, here are some helpful tips and tricks. The most important thing is to play to your strengths–create podcasts about topics that interest you, and create a team to help you. If there is an aspect of podcasting that you are not great at, ask someone or create a team to help you. Recognize that both quality and quantity are important, each in different ways.

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Don’t get hung up on technical perfection, but get as many podcasts done as you can.

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As you grow your platform, more people will agree to speak with you. Don’t hesitate to ask for referrals. Finally, remember to show interest to your guests!

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They’ll be easier to get to know and chat with, and can help you grow your podcast better than you can alone.

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