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PluriCell is a biotechnology based company whose goal is to become a continuous, reliable, commercial source of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells). With these type of cells, they can virtually generate any cell type of the human body, from heart cells to liver, skin & more, although their first project is to successfully and repeatably create the progenitors of a certain type of heart cell.

Marcos Valadares, CEO and Diogo Biagi, CSO, co-founders of Pluricell Biotech share how the company was formed and what is it’s current focus. The application of this technology knows no bounds; cosmetic, food, therapeutic and agricultural chemicals are some of the examples. Though commercialization of their products face geographical limitations currently, but the company aims to overcome that and make its way to the international markets.

Pluricell is making a difference in people’s lives through this amazing technology and it is only going to get better from here.

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