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Celyad is a biopharmaceutical company, specialized in cell therapy, developing landmark technologies aimed at treating severe diseases with poor prognoses. Their scientific approach is inspired by the natural mechanisms that are used by the body to fight diseases.

Georges Rawadi, VP business development talks to us about the latest in stem cell technology and how Celyad is revolutionizing the battle against cancer.

Georges shares how Celyad is working on battling cancer through stem cell technology. Specifically, AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) and MM + 5 solid tumors, the forms that are life threatening, with a handful of treatments.

With the current technology being limited and the government regulations being a barrier because of the years necessary for Stage 1 2 and 3 of clinical trials, commercializing these therapies takes years. So make sure you remain tuned to the podcast to be updated. Don’t forget to listen, share and subscribe to the podcast.

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