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For the first time ever, smart phone technology has been merged with blockchain technology, allowing anyone to enjoy an unrivaled, military-grade level of privacy and security on their cell phone- the BitVault. By verifying its user by a combination of three identifiers- an iris scan, a fingerprint scan, and an NFC card with a unique code- the BitVault technology creates a private key.

“The most unique feature of this phone,” says Peter Marais, Co-founder of BitVault, “…is that your private keys are never stored on the device…we call it dynamic key creation: these keys are dynamically created every time you use the product, so nobody else can use the device.

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” Among many other features, the BitVault allows for secure blockchain calling: for each new encrypted call that is created, an entirely new blockchain is created, and at the end of that encrypted call, the blockchain is deleted in its entirety. Marais eagerly discusses all aspects of this revolutionary new device, so hit play to hear more.

Marais also discusses:

  • The many services of BitVault, including secure blockchain document transfer, secure blockchain messaging and secure blockchain banking
  • BitVault’s native apps, including Bitcoin Wallet, Ethereum Wallet and EOT (Encryption of Things), and the development of BitVault’s own application store
  • The reason behind using cryptocurrency transactions, and the ways in which BitVault is working toward minimizing the cost (to almost zero) per transaction
  • The measures that are taken in order to maintain an entirely closed environment and eliminate BitVault’s vulnerability to outside malware


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