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Trust underpins commerce. We’ve all bought an item off Craigslist, or a related site, and wondered how we were going to meet the seller, and whether it was safe to bring cash. IQID promises to change all that.

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IQID creates a digital business card, by linking to your social media and PayPal accounts, and creates a Trust Score that can be shared with other potential buyers and sellers to help create trust in your transactions.

IQID also allows for payments to be made directly through PayPal, so that you don’t have to bring cash with you.

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In the future, they are looking to allow users to exchange money with other types of digital wallets. They also plan to allow individuals and businesses to broadcast items they are looking to buy and sell within a defined geographical area through geo-tagged contextual keyword matching, which has huge implications for traditional brick and mortar retailers.

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