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Pascal Finette of Singularity University is the Vice Chairman of their Startup Program for Next-Generation Entrepreneurs who will be creating exponential organizations that leverage Exponential Technologies.

Pascal details how some startups are utilizing exponential technology to find creative solutions to complex problems that affect literally billions of people. Two examples are Made in Space (3D Printing in zero gravity on the Space Station), and Miroculus – analyzing RNA (a Subset of DNA) in the blood, which helps identify various cancers super early, possibly allowing for better treatment and less mortality.

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Further he explains some of the core challenges startups face – ex: failure of a team to work together as the main downfall of startups. Pascal says a company must be “a team effort rather than a one man show” – that’s why Co- Founded companies are preferred over single founders.

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Any interview with a singularity university faculty member is worth listening to!

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